Currently working on the main feature of Databases

The Database has specified functions like,

1) It contains  all the information from the fields of the student information form.

2)It first shows the bare essential information.

3)Then on expanding it shows multiple fields.

4)It can be downloaded immediately.

5)There are easy editing features added too. Like delete, add, confirm.

Has to be worked on for auto-archive systems.


Formative Assessment 3

  1. The Formative Assessment 3 requires me to submit the codes and progress report in parallel with the original timeline of the whole project
  2. As I am dealing with the front end of the Portal here is the detailed description of the work done by me till date. A timeline is also attached which mentions the status of the different features of the portal.
  • Please Click the highlighted text, for the codes of the Portal

They are in the form of a word doc.


  • Please click on the highlighted text, it is the Timeline of the development of the Front end of the portal:

it is an excel file.